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​ A new service to make calls at best tariffs
from anywhere in the world over the internet,
allowing message and file exchange
via mobile and desktop apps.

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Eastwind for Everyone

  • We are here so you can grow

    Eastwind is a dynamically growing company, one of Russia’s biggest developers and suppliers of software solutions for the telecoms market. Our history began back in 1997 when cellular telecommunications in Russia were making their first steps, and the demand for dedicated software solutions was great. Eastwind Billing System was the first key product we launched together with a Russian operator.

    Today, we continue creating new products and working with operators from many countries to improve the experience of their subscribers amid the violent competition and shrinking revenues from the traditional voice services.

    We are focused on innovative projects in Big Data and Targeted Marketing. That is why we included in our product portfolio platforms to improve marketing efficiency, mobile apps and experience improving services, along with the classical products to support the business of a Telco and traditional VAS solutions.

Eastwind News

24 july 2017
Eastwind turns 20!
We’ve seen it all: from the birth of mobile telecommunications in Russia to the new future world technologies coming into our everyday lives. Twenty years is a long run. We have caught tail wind in our sails, we have flown higher and climbed down, but we have always held our course. Read a short chronology of Eastwind in five passages. 
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4 july 2017
Eastwind's Solution Helps Beeline Tajikistan Filter SMS Traffic
SMS broadcasts are dangerous not only because of their intrusiveness: they are capable of causing more serious damage. Subscribers often risk losing their money when answering suspicious message. And what if that is not a one-time occurrence? 
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30 june 2017
Eastwind Social Analytics: Big Data at Your Command
Every day, people exchange calls and messages, exploring the wonders of Internet, flag themselves on maps and make online publications. The information of their activities never disappears – it accumulates into virtual arrays of Big Data. Unstructured seas of information holding the details of users’ gadget-based activities.  

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Our Team

New technologies. A new team with a fresh look. We have a vision, and we follow it. We move forward. Today, we are focused on finding new products that can rock the telecoms business and will be valuable to end users.

If you are a thinker and an inventor, if you look outside the box, and can see products through the eyes of users, if you love mobile technologies, and live them – then our company was meant for you.

Working with us will give you a unique opportunity to put your curiosity for the world to a good use. You will be always on the same page with the latest trends, accumulating ideas and monetizing them. Here, you can gain unique experience and find yourself. Join the team and take a chance on the job of your dream!

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